Touch – The Origin

When was the last time you touched the nature? Something that is alive? Have you laid naked on the soft and moist green moss? Did you hug a tree centuries old? How did the ageless granite feel against you cheek? How about the cone you just stepped on? Have you held a fish in your hand? Or got stung by a bumblebee? Did the flower you smelled tickle your nose? Did you notice the smell of the rotting leaves?

We live our daily lives buried by dead things. Cold lifeless surfaces trying to mimic something alive and fooling us to believe all is well. Everything we touch, everything we feel, everything we digest, is processed, murdered, alienated from the Origin

And it is slowly killing us

Widening the gap

Making us alien

Hated by the Mother

You can hear the call

Listen, there it is

It’s waiting for you

Just be brave

Go outside and touch it, smell it, eat it

Embrace it

Because you are a part of it as it is a part of you

You belong together

It’s as simple as that

07/07/2019 DT

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