Daddy Thinks: of music – The prelude


one of the most precious things one can give to another. Luckily I have encouraging people around me and because of the kind words of my friend Laura @ljcshutter at Rebel101.7, I started to think that maybe I might have something to give to  people while deboning the musical experience into words and mental images. So I decided to carry on with the idea and see how I’d manage.

The idea was born out of a piece of text I wrote about the first single from the new TOOL album: Fear Inoculum. Now that I’ve spent some time trying to get inside the album itself (and failing miserably most of the time) I got this idea about a project I have never done before: to publicly write about my reflections of the musical and lyrical content as well asthe mental images evoked by the music..

Experiencing music is familiar to me, per se. Musical vibes have been a big part of my life through teenage and adolescence. They’ve been experienced alone and with friends in varying states of mind and body. At some point music nearly disappeared from my life but the last few years have been quite active. I have also been an amateur musician, a vocalist and a lightweight lyrist, a self-educated rookie without any real high or low musical education. In any case, I think I have at least some understanding of how music is made and of its structure, so what the hell, I’ll give it a try!

While very much current right now in alt-proge-rock scene I will start by writing about the Fear Inoculum album. One of my friends said quite aptly: “This is not an album of hits” so there might not be any blockbusting radio hits (lol that’d be the day!) or individual stars: Fear Inoculum is best experienced in its entirety as an interesting nexus of sounds and moods tangled together. That said, I still came to the conclusion that I would try to analyze the album and my thoughts one piece at a time. The task of wrestling the whole epic was too daunting at this point and I was afraid I would never have discovered the common thread carrying the narrative through the album… that or it could have taken me some 13 years. Maybe we’ll get to that later if the big picture is crystallized.

Now, it is TOOL I’m talking about after all so a little disclaimer is in place:

The interpretations I do are absolutely not meant as an exhaustive truth about the art, thoughts, messages or meanings weaved into the music of TOOL. My interpretations rest mostly on my personal experiences and thoughts of being a human and living a human life. I am not a professional music reviewer and my texts are not meant to be reviews, though I might also write a thing or two about the technical performance etc. Also, english is not my native language, so I might not make any sense from time to time. It is not always easy to get your thoughts through and understood when the language, the proverbs, the grammar and structure is more or less alien. Sometimes it’s hard enough with your native language, right?

So, please don’t lynch me, but disagree if you feel so and if you do, say it out loud and tell me why. This also applies if you happen to like or agree with something I write. Correct, encourage, criticize. My goal is to organize my thoughts, reflect the music with fellow listeners and hopefully learn something new about music, life and existence.

❤️ Daddy Thinks

IG @daddythinks1

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