Covered by wool blankets to keep off the chills

Rain beats the roof of the tent

playing a tune of power and nourishment

The northern wind sings among the pine branches

This song of wind and rain

It is trembling my little tent

It’s making me feel small but not forgotten

I’m here with both of you

We are together

I listen and just blend in to the chorus

Gently the song fades away

and complete silence is all that remains

I slip back to this world

The song is nothing but a memory


Never to be sung again

But I was there

I did my part

I listened

–30/07/2019 DT–

I spent thirty plus nights sleeping in a tent the past summer. Most of the nights beside my eldest son and some alone, like the night I wrote about abowe. It’s been decades since the last time I was “camping” and already had forgot how relaxing and refreshing it really is. There was a lot of rain, wind and cold nights this summer in Finland. Some could call it a lousy summer, but it wasn’t that for me. It was a summer of precious time spent with my family, relatives and friends. A summer spent in amazing Finnish nature in Saimaa archipelago. I could not ask for more. It was a summer of a lifetime and now it has turned to autumn; my belowed, what surprises will you bring to my life?

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