Daddy Thinks: of life and existence. Words, Pulse, Fibonacci.

A Short Study of Words Arranged With the Fibonacci Sequence. Inspired by a Pulsating Oil Lamp, the Pink Floyd and the Lateralus. (Birth) Zero.......Pulseoflife iswaiting ifyou can synchronize.Reach inside and swirl with the flow.Hold on firmly to find the immaculate state ofexistence. Transfer energy.Will you stabilize?DescentingintothePulse........(Death) Zero --13/10/2019 DT-- Article Photo by: Jouko Lehmuskallio... Continue Reading →

That was a day of adventure

So here I am on the brink of one of the Big Questions that I suppose every blogger has to face sooner or later: how much and how deep private experiences I am willing to share with the world? I know my posts are not that private, or maybe they are since I am trying... Continue Reading →


Will I be allowed of all this? This presence This moment This consciousness Life and experience?  Will I be accepted or despised If I'm not the person I was a moment ago The one I've grown and raised up to be? Will I lose myself and everyone I love? Who is it that wants me... Continue Reading →

You fell

Like an acorn you fell on the hard sidewalk To be stepped on ran over and kicked around while your peers blossom embraced by the warm soil of their parents You won't cry for help You just lay there in apathy Motionless and forgotten But there is yet time You are broken but something is... Continue Reading →


Sometimes when it's dark and the cold wind howls from the north I sit on a tree stump and let the rain hit my face It feels like pins piercing your skin It feels like you're alive --09/07/2019 DT--

Peace one Day

Come on everyone. Sit beside the fire and one a two a three... Kumbaya my Lord Kumbaya I wish it was that easy, but it aint, So why even try. Let us just kill one another like we've always done. It's the (falsely)secure and familiar way. It's the human nature. Fear, insecurity, greed and clinging... Continue Reading →


Forty six and 2 It ain't the same as 6:42 Commute Freedom or imprisonment I ask myself as the flow goes on And it seems that no-one cares so my thoughts wander to nothingness A simple state yet overwhelming Full of emptiness The steady red, the flashing yellow wake me up from my slumber Colors... Continue Reading →

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