Daddy Thinks: of life and existence. Words, Pulse, Fibonacci.

A Short Study of Words Arranged With the Fibonacci Sequence. Inspired by a Pulsating Oil Lamp, the Pink Floyd and the Lateralus. (Birth) Zero.......Pulseoflife iswaiting ifyou can synchronize.Reach inside and swirl with the flow.Hold on firmly to find the immaculate state ofexistence. Transfer energy.Will you stabilize?DescentingintothePulse........(Death) Zero --13/10/2019 DT-- Article Photo by: Jouko Lehmuskallio... Continue Reading →

Daddy Thinks: of music – The prelude

Encouragement one of the most precious things one can give to another. Luckily I have encouraging people around me and because of the kind words of my friend Laura @ljcshutter at Rebel101.7, I started to think that maybe I might have something to give to  people while deboning the musical experience into words and mental... Continue Reading →

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